Welcome to our kennel for dogs and cats. Learn to know something about us because we have so much to give for your 4-paws-darling: A lot of room and a lot of time, treasured care. Turnout 3 times each day (dogs), 2-times feeding (+/- treats), the dog-food is included (dry or wet), high-quality-food (happy dog), optional diet-food or medicine (pills etc.).

Lots of walks and play-times outside, pick-up and drop-off-service by car from / to your home (limit is 100 km – 1 distance) and much more.

Vet-care 24 hours a day from 2 vets, close to an animal – clinic.

Please, come and see yourself:
Very bright and clean indoor-boxes (heated) with single-, double-, triple- or four – bedrooms for dogs living in one family or breeder.

4-grassed and two grit – playgrounds with trees and fences above 2 – meters – high to play dogs together or alone (if the dog is not compatible to any other dog), in summer also with swimming-pool, just as they like.

All this with much love, expert knowledge and always an open ear for your questions.

The cats are also living in heated single- or double-rooms for two cats from one family (no association-storage) with climbing-tree, nestle-basket, feeding-bowls, toys and toilets. The cat-food (dry and wet) and the litter are also included. We are feeding only high quality-food (happy cat).

Visitors welcome at any time. Mrs. Fox is speaking english, please call her or send a mail. We have business confidence since 1996, approbated by veterinary-office (gouvernment), state-approved, high qualified assistance treasured and carefull handling the animals.

You can bring the own-food, but there’s no reduction of the prices.

Come, see and be convinced of the animal pension of your trust.